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Solar/Post Installation Services

Establishing solar energy farms necessitates a harmonious alliance between various entities and perpetuates our value of sustainability. Walbec excels at providing comprehensive services tailored to solar/post-installation requirements. These capabilities extend to encompass site engineering and construction solutions, further reinforced by the prowess of our dedicated union workforce. With a strategic focus on collaborating with national solar installers and electric utility companies, we are poised to provide an all-encompassing, streamlined approach to developing solar projects.

Integrated solutions span the entire solar project development spectrum - from the preliminary stages of site feasibility analysis to the intricacies of design, permitting, and grading – we can help you in every stage of project preparation. Moreover, we specialize in creating efficient access roads, which is crucial for facilitating seamless project execution. These services, combined with proficiency in pile installation - a foundational component for securing solar arrays with stability and precision - make us the perfect partner.

By consolidating our engineering, construction, and workforce management proficiency, we offer a single, unified source for various solar/post-installation needs. Our overarching objective is to assist in constructing solar energy facilities and contribute to cultivating cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. With Walbec, you gain a reliable partner with the expertise, resources, and collaborative spirit required to propel your solar projects toward success.


  • Access road construction
  • Aggregate supply and placement
  • Concrete ballast block and anchoring foundations
  • Land surveying, planning, & platting
  • Pile installation
  • Operate Vermeer PD10 - 20-foot mast equipment
  • Site grading, soil stabilization, and erosion control
  • Site permitting and site design
  • Temporary and permanent stormwater management

PD-10 - Solar - Post Installation


Solar Energy Construction Services