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Our highly experienced crews and Project Managers specialize in the production, transport, and laydown of asphalt pavements. Whether its specialty asphalt mixtures, hot mix asphalt, or warm mix asphalt, our crews utilize the most advanced equipment available such as:

  • Mix transfer vehicles
  • High-density screeds
  • Real-time temperature sensors
  • Longitudinal profile automation
  • High frequency/high amplitude steel drum rollers
  • Vibratory rubber tire rollers
  • Intelligent compaction

Constructing high-quality hot mix asphalt pavements is the cornerstone of Walbec's portfolio of services. From freeway systems to parking lots, we are well equipped to handle large projects that require multiple pavers, and small projects such golf cart and bicycle paths.

Walbec crews don’t settle for “close enough,” we work until the project is “spot on.” Additionally, whether the project needs plant tested material or field-tested densities, our regionally based certified laboratories, and technicians make sure that Walbec pavements exceed our customer’s specifications.

This dedication to quality shows in the countless National, State, and Local awards received by both Payne and Dolan and Northeast Asphalt for everything from Interstate projects, to airport projects, to specialty projects each and every year.

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