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Site Concrete Services

Commercial developers, small business owners, and local municipalities rely on Walbec for their specialty concrete work. Maximizing the diverse capabilities of our family of companies, projects are managed accurately and efficiently, resulting in successful project outcomes. As a vertically integrated family of companies, together, we work to bring solutions to complicated construction challenges our customers are facing.

Concrete contractors typically specialize in one area, such as mainline highway paving or curb and gutter installations. Choosing Walbec provides a single-source solution. Our services are extensive, offering clients specialties that include concrete base patching, flatwork, parking lots, curb and gutter, decorative streetscape, post-tension sports courts, commercial laser screed concrete, sidewalks, and site work.

Custom solutions are developed using the latest technologies and finest materials to deliver the most innovative and durable concrete solutions. Customers trust our experienced professional's proven track record to deliver the highest quality work at a competitive price.

Why choose Walbec?

Concrete is a complex material that requires careful planning and execution by experienced and reputable professionals. Hiring a contractor ensures team members working on your project have the knowledge and skills to properly mix, place, and cure concrete that produces a strong, durable, and long-lasting product. Benefits include:

  • Tenured professionals who assess your project and develop a customized solution for your needs and requirements.
  • High-quality materials are used in combination with the latest technology.
  • Pride in workmanship is promoted through training and mentorship.
  • On time and within budget.
  • Mobile concrete production with mobile mixers.
  • Servicing northeast, southcentral, and southeast Wisconsin.


  • ADA-compliant sidewalks
  • Apartment complex site concrete - sidewalks, curb
  • Barrier Walls - fast-track projects or expedited schedules
  • Bike path and walkway construction
  • Boat launches
  • Bus shelter construction
  • Cast-in-place retaining walls
  • Cast-in-place reinforced concrete platforms
  • Concrete base patching, flatwork, and site work
  • Concrete containments
  • Concrete parking lots
  • Concrete pavements for agricultural applications, such as barn floors and walls
  • Concrete removal
  • Continuous reinforced concrete pavements
  • Curb and gutter
  • Decorative streetscape concrete
    • Colored concrete
    • Concrete walls
    • Ornamental concrete
    • Stamped concrete
    • Streetscape planters
  • Gradall rental
  • Laser screed concrete installation
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall construction
  • Mobile concrete production - mobile mixers
  • Roundabout construction
  • Running tracks, basketball courts, and track and field event infrastructure
  • Post-tension concrete sports courts - tennis and pickleball
  • Skateboard parks
  • Slip-formed and hand-formed concrete curbs and sidewalks
  • Temporary barrier block rental and installation for community events
  • Trench drain construction