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Agricultural Lime Products

Waukesha Lime & Stone has been providing high quality agricultural lime to homeowners, gardeners, and farmers for over 100 years. Our Farm & Lawn and Superfine lime products help provide valuable nutrients that reduce soil acidity, loosen soils, maximize fertilizer applications and promote proper plant growth. Our Shur Tred Barnlime is a product used by dairy farmers, hobby farmers and other livestock owners to provide traction and help prevent animals from slipping while helping to keep barn floors, horse stalls, kennels and animal pens dry, clean and safe.

S  Shur Tred Barnlime 300

Dairy Farmers

Shur Tred Barnlime is a non-slip coarse ground lime that has been used by dairy farmers, hobby farmers and other livestock owners for over 100 years to help keep animals safe by providing better traction.

Shur Tred Barnlime can also be spread on fields and gardens to enrich soils and promote increased crop production. In addition, it will increase the efficiency and productivity of your fertilizer investment.

Download our Aglime Key To Increased Yield And Profits brochure for more details.

S  Farm Lawn Lime 300

Hobby Farmers

Farm & Lawn Lime is a medium grind lime product that provides valuable nutrients that help reduce soil acidity & loosen soils. It neutralizes soil acidity and raises pH. Farm & Lawn can also help to minimize fertilizer applications and promote good plant growth.

Use Farm & Lawn on gardens, farm fields, lawns, and household plant soils any time of the year.

Download our Calibrating And Using Lawn Fertilizer And Lime Spreaders brochure for more details.

S  Superfine Lime 300

Home Owners & Gardeners

Superfine is our finest grind lime as well as our fastest acting lime. It can be applied at any time of the year and used on new lawns, established lawns, gardens, and wildlife plots. It neutralizes soil acids and raises pH to make it more productive and increase fertilizer efficiency. It also is great for use in athletic field marking.

Commercially, Superfine can be used as a mineral filler for epoxies, hot mix asphalt, and glass production.

Download our When And How To Apply Aglime brochure for more details.