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Milling & Pulverizing

Walbec has been a pioneer in the road-building reclamation processes since 1984 and began by recycling existing asphalt pavements via CAT 1000 cold planers. Today, Walbec works with local agencies, OSHA, and equipment manufacturers to continue innovating road reclamation processes with one of the country's largest fleets of reclamation equipment. We can handle it all, from high production pavement removal and roadway milling to stringent ride profile specifications and soil stabilization.


Did you know? Asphalt is the most recycled material in the United States. Walbec's versatile fleet of reclamation equipment removes pavement in widths from two feet to twelve feet, up to 12 inches in depth, all in a single pass. Our customers benefit from the maximum output and high daily production rates from variable speed drums, advanced leveling systems, and superior digital displays.

Walbec also offers pavement pulverization and soil stabilization. These high-production pulverizers can cut up to 16 inches in depth, all within a 12-foot pass.


Walbec was a leader in the Silica/Asphalt Milling Machine Partnership to study the exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Before this partnership, there were no studies on the silica dust exposure to employees surrounding the milling machine. This study tested, developed, and implemented methods to outline best practices that allow employees to operate and work around equipment with the least amount of exposure to unhealthy silica dust. Mitigating exposure to our team members continues to be a top priority.

Today, Walbec's milling equipment includes vacuum systems that create a negative pressure to remove a mix of dust particles and water vapor inside the drum housing. This mixture is then deposited onto the mill conveyor, improving the air quality around our team members operating the equipment.


The milling process is the first step in creating a smooth-riding roadway. Providing the flattest ride possible for the traveling public is the goal of each resurfacing or paving project.

Our mills are equipped with high-precision leveling systems to control the milling machine's cutting depth, slope, and speed to achieve smooth ride pavements. The leveling systems consist of controllers, read-out panels, sonic sensors, and contact sensors to set, control, and monitor milling depths and slope parameters throughout the milling process.

The quality of the finished milled surface is not only a product of the machine operation, but the stability of the teeth used to cut into the existing pavements. Milling operators perform multiple inspections of the cutting teeth throughout each shift and frequently replace worn teeth to ensure the highest quality.