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Civil Engineering and Design

Civil engineers are essential to ensure the safe, efficient, and sustainable development and maintenance of critical infrastructure, promoting public safety and economic growth with vacant land and rejuvenated urban spaces. With comprehensive design services to support private-sector development, Walbec supports our customers with due diligence to land surveying, site civil engineering, permitting, and construction support.

Customers rely on us for their projects, including asphalt and concrete plants, brownfield redevelopment, docks and piers, marine and shipping terminals, multi-family redevelopments, historic renovations and redevelopment, roadway and street design, seawalls and bulkheads, sewer and water extensions, storage tanks, and recreational facilities.

Problem-solving and strong relationships with local leaders and reviewing agencies benefit our customers as we guide each project from concept to completion, offering practical solutions that are both feasible and cost-effective.

Let our team of professionals demonstrate what is possible and design solutions tailored to the unique challenges of your project.


  • Athletic fields and racket sports
  • Constructability insights and value engineering alternatives
  • Grading and erosion control designs
  • Green infrastructure and stormwater design
    • Stormwater best management practices (BMPs)
    • Wet ponds, infiltration ponds, sand filters, infiltration swales
    • Bioretention ponds - custom stormwater design services
  • Multi-use trails and pedestrian boardwalks
  • Pavement design and rehabilitation
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Playground design - grading, erosion control, permitting, and entitlement
  • Roadway and storm sewer design
  • Municipal sanitary sewer and water design

As a trusted Engineer, Procure, and Construct (EPC) firm, Walbec delivers schedule-driven projects with precision. A streamlined approach, from front-end planning through construction, minimizes risks and optimizes project sequencing. We're well-equipped for EPC projects with vertical integration across the organization with materials, engineering, and construction services while ensuring consistent communication and coordination, reducing risks, and maximizing schedule and budget efficiencies.


Facilities Design and Construction Services


Infrastructure Design Services


Pavement Design & Facilities Planning


Transportation Engineering and Construction


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