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USH 12 - Madison Beltline Rehabilitation


Payne and Dolan began working in May of 2019 as the General Contractor on the first of 3 stages to maintain and improve USH 12 (Madison Beltline).

For the first year, the project involves patching, bridgework, and the first lift of asphalt paving. It is truly an example of a Walbec “Power of One” project with P+D self-performing both the milling and paving and Zenith Tech working as a subcontractor to perform bridge rehabilitation.

Over the next two years, there will be more extensive bridgework, median reconstruction to rebuild shoulders to function as an additional driving lane during peak hours, and the final lift of asphalt will be completed in 2021.

This project is constructed primarily at night in order to limit the inconvenience to the traveling public. P+D has utilized WMA (Warm Mix Asphalt) technology and innovative rolling patterns to consistently meet quality standards and achieve incentive on production and installation.

WMA means the temperature of the asphalt is lowered from approximately 310 degrees at the plant to approximately 260 degrees, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. WMA may also assist with more consistency in rolling and aids in the reduction of imperfections, such as splitting and shoving that are typical of high traffic mixes during compaction. A warm mix is also workable longer, increasing the amount of time to achieve maximum compaction.

This is also a PWL (Percent Within Limits) project which means that minimizing variability in test results is extremely important. All test results are required to not only meet the minimum specified value(s), but they must also be accurate and precise.

With PWL, we must not only meet the requirements but also have a low standard deviation in the test results. This requires additional quality control process testing to ensure consistency and a high level of excellence from manufacturing, technical services, and construction.

“Test results that are highly variable, yet meet the minimum requirements, may not receive full payment. We’re proud to say that we’ve been extremely successful on PWL projects due to the attention to detail and all involved being deliberate in everything they do,” says Chris Winiecki, Director of Technical Services.


This project is not without its challenges. With 40 ramps to coordinate, 60 local officials to keep informed, 75 paving shifts to schedule, and multiple subcontractors to manage; it’s complex and ever-changing.

Because of our extensive experience as a leader in this industry, our people and relationships equip us to excel on projects presenting a significant challenge. Our team is not intimidated but instead thrives and continues to look for opportunities to present innovative solutions, enhance quality, and increase efficiencies. This project, like all of our projects here at Walbec, is not achievable without the hard work and dedication of the men and women on the crews, at the plants and aggregate sites, in the lab, and in the various supporting roles. We are thankful for their efforts.

Stay tuned for future updates!


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