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WEC Group Bluff Creek & Ixonia LNG Plants

Together, these $30M Greenfield Site Preparation projects for Burns & McDonnell (WEC Energy Group) involve the construction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) process facilities and storage tanks. The projects include stripping 70 acres, mass excavation of 550,000 CY, site utilities, and supply and placement of 130,000 tons of aggregate. At the Ixonia project, the team is managing a design-build of a 16.5-million-gallon structural concrete impoundments structure that is only the eighth of its kind in the world and only the second in the U.S.

The impoundment structure will contain liquefied natural gas if the pressurized tank ever needs to be emptied with the product inside and will also protect adjacent wetlands. Projects began in the winter of 2022 and are expected to be completed by the summer of 2023.


  • Payne + Dolan (P+D) is the project's primary contractor and works alongside subcontractors Keller North America and Zenith Tech (ZTI) to provide civil site work services, impoundment construction, and other related services.
  • P+D is self-performing mass grading, impoundment excavation, gravel placement, utility installation, and HMA paving.
  • Coping and handrail design, concrete coping, structural concrete slab, and miscellaneous concrete provided by ZTI, with Northeast Asphalt (NEA) assisting with labor resources.
  • This project has been a joint Walbec effort.
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