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Timmerman Airport Pavement Rehabilitation

Payne + Dolan (P+D) played a pivotal role in the Timmerman Airport Support Pavement Rehabilitation project in Milwaukee, WI, showcasing their expertise in airport-related construction. The project encompassed partial and full-depth milling, excavation, crushed aggregate base course installation, and asphalt paving. Additionally, the scope included sub-work elements such as pavement marking, signage, traffic control, 8-inch concrete work, and restoration.

Throughout the project, the P+D team demonstrated exceptional collaboration and coordination with the technical services department to ensure compliance with airport specifications. With a focus on quality control, the team conducted thorough aggregate and asphalt testing, comprehensive surveying, and as-built documentation.

The project underscored P+D's commitment to delivering outstanding results within the stringent airport infrastructure requirements. Key project details include:

  • Partial and full-depth milling
  • Excavation
  • Crushed aggregate base course installation
  • Asphalt paving
  • Pavement marking and signage
  • Traffic control
  • 8-inch concrete work
  • Restoration

Airport work is not new to Walbec. Teams from P+D and Northeast Asphalt (NEA) are experienced in the unique challenges construction projects present to contractors at airports of all sizes. Strict security measures involve background checks and safety training for personnel. Working near active runways requires escorts and adherence to strict timelines. FAA guidelines with special FAA asphalt mixes can be difficult to produce and install.

Asphalt offers airports several benefits over other materials, including quick installation and setup, surpassing the speed of high-early-strength concrete installation. Successfully navigating these challenges demands meticulous planning, adherence to safety protocols, and expertise in meeting airport infrastructure project requirements.

Payne + Dolan and Northeast Asphalt recently completed these airport projects:

  • Austin Straubel Airport, Green Bay, WI - asphalt paving of parking lots and runways
  • Burlington International Airport, Burlington, WI - hanger and taxi work over the past two seasons
  • Dane County Airport, Madison, WI - asphalt paving throughout the south terminal expansion project
  • Dodge County Airport, Juneau, WI - runways and taxiways
  • General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, WI- various projects on and off airport grounds, with the bulk of the work consisting of milling and overlaying parking lots, taxiways, and runways
  • J. Douglas Bake Municipal Airport, Oconto, WI – fine grade and pave hanger apron
  • Shawano County Airport, Shawano, WI – pulverize, grade, and pave runway




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