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The Power of One Evident throughout UMERC Contracts


In 2019, WE Energies completed the construction of two new natural gas generating stations in Michigan Upper Peninsula. The construction of the A.J. Mihm and F.D. Kuester natural gas generating stations allowed for the retirement of Presque Isle Power Plant, a coal-fueled plant that previously supplied most of the power to the U.P.

Payne and Dolan was involved in five different contracts as a subcontractor to other contractors working for UMERC (Upper Michigan Energy Resources, A subsidiary of WE Energies). The diversity of our capabilities provided us with a variety of opportunities to support the overall construction project.

Throughout 2017-2019, we completed the following work:

  • General Sitework - clear & grub, topsoil stripping, excavation embankment, crushing and placement of gravel, hot mix asphalt (HMA), and restoration
  • Excavation, bedding, and backfill for utility placement
  • Storm & sanitary sewer installation
  • Excavation preparation backfill for all of the concrete structures
  • Design and construct laydown yard
  • Design-build contract for structural concrete foundations for water tanks (Design by Payne and Dolan and construction by Zenith Tech)
  • Facilitated the transportation of engines through widening the road at required locations throughout the travel route


The biggest challenge when working on this project was the weather. The winters of 2017 and 2018 came with their fair share of snow. Regardless of the weather, our team continued to push forward to stay within the timeframe of the project.

As a newer division of Payne and Dolan, we are continuously looking for opportunities to showcase our talents and the diversity of our capabilities throughout our family of companies. This project was an excellent opportunity to do that. From excavation to structural concrete construction to asphalt paving - we were ready to solve problems and play an active role in reaching project completion.

We also relied heavily on efficiencies and technology to enhance the level of construction we provide. We consistently used GPS technology on our equipment to make sure we achieved the finished surface required by the plan documents.


Marquette County, Michigan