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McFarland Skate Park

The McFarland Skatepark project demolished and revamped an outdated metal skatepark into an impressive 8,000-square-foot concrete skate park in McFarland, WI. As the general contractor, Parisi utilized GPS technology to accurately grade the site while tackling the challenges of contour shaping the bowls and ramps.

  • Parisi's highly skilled concrete crews poured the flatwork at the entryway and under the shade structure.
  • Subcontractor partners utilized concrete pumps to place concrete and provided landscaping and restoration. This included the addition of natural stone walls to address steep grade transitions near the ramps and bike path.


To ensure an optimal riding experience for skaters, Parisi executed several innovative techniques during the project. Using GPS technology for site grading enabled precise shaping of the skate park's bowls and ramps according to the design contours. Our subcontractor used concrete placement pumps to expedite the construction process and successfully execute placement.

The McFarland Skatepark project faced several challenges, including a tight site with active pickleball and bocce ball courts nearby. To respected park patrons, Parisi and its subcontractors diligently worked to keep the site clean by maintaining exterior fencing and using tarps to control concrete overspray. The unsuitable subgrade soils to support the park were also a challenge, and undercutting helped the team construct a solid foundation for the new park. The village saved costs by demolishing the park and installing trees, bike racks, and picnic tables. The city spread pea gravel on the concrete to accommodate eager skaters before completion. These solutions allowed Parisi and its partners to overcome the challenges and deliver a successful project.

During construction, the project received positive feedback from many pickleball court patrons. They complimented the project and its progress. Additionally, the subcontractor from California provided an excellent crew that made minor adjustments to the design, resulting in an overall better riding experience at the park. The project has also been submitted to the WRMCA Concrete Design Awards by Parisi.



McFarland, WI


Village of McFarland