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Town of Maple Grove Culvert Replacement

Payne + Dolan’s Engineering & Surveying group provided land surveying, hydraulic modeling, WDNR permitting, and construction plans for a twin culvert replacement on Black Creek immediately downstream of STH 55 in the Town of Maple Grove, Shawano County. The existing 96” twin culverts that carry Black Creek (650 cfs & 4.5 sq mi. drainage area) under Hofa Park Road had failed and sink holes in town road were rapidly expanding.

  • In less than 45 days, the P+D team completed designs for the replacement of the culverts and obtained an individual permit from WDNR.
  • The replacement culverts were increased in size from 96” to 117” X 79” to allow for the inverts to be stepped.
  • The lower culvert, which is designed to carry the low flow storm events, was designed to be 12” lower than the existing streambed and will allow the pipe to naturally silt in, creating a more natural streambed for aquatic and invertebrate species.
  • The higher culvert provides for the necessary capacity during larger storm events but is dry most of the year and serves as a wildlife passage for small mammals and invertebrates moving along the environmental corridor associated with Black Creek which connects with other cold water streams in the Shio River watershed.



Town of Maple Grove, WI