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Village of Butler Concrete Paving

The Village of Butler concrete paving job for the ZTI Roads Division consisted of removing existing asphalt & gravel, replacing damaged curb, and installing concrete in a busy industrial park. This project was a Walbec team effort, coordinating the resources and talents of ZTI Bridge and Payne & Dolan to exceed the expectations of our customer.

Village of Butler

The original project scope consisted of (10) phases so our innovative ZTI team reached out to the Village and proposed the use of a bridge paver to help reduce the scope of the project. A conventional paver only allows for one 16’ lane to be paved at a time. After that is complete, there is a 7-day waiting period before the other lane can be paved. By using the bridge paver, the entire 32’ can be paved in one pass.

Offering this option produced several benefits for the Village of Butler.

This is a very active industrial park with heavy semi/truck traffic so reducing the entire project by 5 phases and over 2 weeks was something the community greatly appreciated. By paving on the 3rd of July, there was less downtime and inconvenience to local businesses. The holiday allowed for the pavement to gain strength before businesses reopened.

Crews hard at work at Village of Butler

The Walbec Group lives by the core value of working smart & safe and that often means knowing what work we should do and what should be subcontracted. In this case, we were fortunate to look to our family of companies as partners focused on making this project a success.

Initially, ZTI Roads planned to do the pavement & gravel but decided to have Payne & Dolan submit a price to mill to grade because it would save approximately 2 weeks project time and enhance overall quality. ZTI Roads also had Payne & Dolan complete the fine grading, crackfilling of the saw relief joints, and the asphalt milling for the pavement transitions.

Village of Butler finished product

All of our efforts led to a positive customer experience...

“This project presented some significant challenges due to the types of business located within the project area and the amount of heavy industrial traffic at all hours of the day. Zenith Tech were great partners with the Village in communicating with the businesses, adjusting the schedule and technique of paving to accommodate business access, and managing the overall impact on the neighboring business community. The project was a huge success due to the responsiveness, professionalism, and efficiency of Zenith Tech.”

- Kayla J. Chadwich, Village of Butler Administrator/Clerk