Helping People
Reach Their


Our Story

The Walbec Group is a family of companies that have collectively served the needs of their customers for over 85 years. Together Payne & Dolan, Inc., Northeast Asphalt, Inc., Zenith Tech, Inc., Premier Concrete, Inc. & Construction Resources Management, Inc. provide professional construction and engineering services in addition to producing quality construction materials.

Small and large customers alike rely on us to deliver cost-effective, expert solutions for their construction needs. While we are often associated with state, municipal and federal projects, many of our customers are local businesses in need of changing or improving their current infrastructure.

Together, the Walbec Group of independent companies helps employees, customers and communities reach their destinations by combining our strengths in the construction industry to form a world-class organization. We take pride in working smart and safe to provide innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to the communities where we live and work.

Our Core Values

  • Maximize our value as a contractor by working smart & safe.
  • Develop and follow quality performance standards.
  • Seek innovative solutions.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Support ideas that strengthen the communities we serve.