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Safety Culture

The safety and well-being of our team members is a core value engrained in our culture. Safety is a top priority for our leaders and team members throughout the organization.

Walbec’s safety culture:

  • It’s a Shared Value – Safety is at the core of our values.
  • Engagement at all Levels of the Organization – Every team member owns safety.
  • Development of Workforce – It’s beyond compliance; It’s being a safety leader and being empowered to see, say, and do something.
  • Transparency – We communicate, trust, and respect each other.
  • Vigorously Proactive – Safety is an action, not a reaction.

Bottom line – Every team member is responsible for safety and must be committed daily.

Whether you are a team member on a jobsite, in an office, or anywhere in between, your safety is our highest priority. We promise that safety will never be sacrificed for production or cost savings. Our goal is to prevent all workplace injuries.

We will promote, establish, and maintain a safe production culture and a safe and healthy environment for all. We meet, and in most cases exceed, all state and federal safety regulations and provide ongoing safety training for every team member.

Before any boots hit the ground, a comprehensive, site-specific safety plan is developed to identify hazards, guidelines, and best practices for each team member. We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards with the expectation of zero incidents. Nothing is more important.

We have established an extensive safety program to ensure every Walbec team member has the knowledge and training to perform their job duties safely. Every team member, from craft workers to project executives, is responsible for following and enforcing all elements of our safety program.