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Who We Are

Safety Culture

Safety is more than a business commitment—it's our moral obligation.

It is our obligation to continuously improve and promote the safety & health of every employee; and to systematically reduce the frequency, severity, and cost of incidents, injuries, and illnesses.

We are a family of companies who care about our employees. The safety of our employees on every jobsite, in every office, and everywhere in between, is our highest priority.

The Walbec pledge is to ensure that safety is never sacrificed for production or cost savings. That is why we continuously work to promote, establish and maintain a safe production culture that not only reduces the frequency, severity and cost of injuries and incidents but also prevents them from occurring.

In addition to meeting and exceeding all state and federal safety regulations, on-going safety training is continually provided. Our commitment to safety is a priority and it is our goal to ensure that our employees work in the safest and healthiest environment possible.

Our projects are unique, and each presents the opportunity to continually improve our jobsite safety program. Before any boots hit the ground, a comprehensive, site-specific safety manual is developed that identifies hazards, guidelines, and best practices for every employee. By setting the expectation of “zero incidents” we hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety. Absolutely nothing is more important.

To ensure the Walbec team is fully equipped to perform their job duties safely, we have established an extensive safety program. Each employee, from the craft worker to project executive, have the personal responsibility to follow and enforce all elements of our safety program.

Safe Production or No Production

Walbec employees understand that safety is not something we do in addition to work; it’s how we work. Our training programs teach employees to identify and correct unsafe work practices immediately. If we can not correct an unsafe condition, we stop work. Any employee can stop production for Safety.

Safety Knowledge

Employees are given the tools and education to prepare them mentally and physically for the work day, beginning with our pre-shift stretching and pre-task planning program known as the Daily Huddle. At the Daily Huddle, safety considerations and potential risks involved with work scheduled for that day are identified and understood. As part of the Daily Huddle, the field manager identifies and discusses implementation of all hazard controls on the project to ensure all of the stakeholders are informed. An example of this action would be to discuss the fall protection issues with a concrete form the crew would be erecting and then review the fall protection system that would be used for each part of the process.

In addition to daily and weekly safety meetings, Walbec monitors the training needs of each employee annually.

Audits and Inspections

Daily jobsite inspections and professional level management audits systematically reduce the chance of injuries and accidents. We continuously improve on safety by analyzing trends and sharing best practices.

Please help us to keep our work zones safe!