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War Memorial Center

Located along Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee and serving the War Memorial Center (WMC) and the Milwaukee Public Art Museum, the WMC parking lot was deteriorated and in need of replacement. During precipitation, sediments and associated pollutants were washing into the storm sewer. The team worked closely to ensure the new design and pavement would be environmentally-friendly and drainage was appropriately directed. The renovation began in April 2020 with construction management, milling, grading, and asphalt paving performed by Payne and Dolan, a Walbec Group family company.


  • 9.2-acre project included increasing impervious area from 4.4 - 5.1 acres.
  • $1.9M project with approximately $1M in green infrastructure grants
  • Moved approximately 11,000 CY of material with 9,600 CY disposed into landfills due to varying levels of contamination
  • Imported 1,700 CY of clean topsoil
  • 12,500 SY pulverized in existing parking lot with base material recycled
  • 13,000 SF of pervious pavers installed in parking lots
  • 2,500 SF of pervious pavers installed in pathway
  • 5,000 SF of bioswales and 11,000 native plant plugs in bioswales installed
  • 2,300 tons of asphalt pavement


  • Pulverized two existing South parking lots and incorporate 8,300 SF of permeable concrete and 4,900 SF of bioswales to
    manage runoff
  • Northeast parking lot replaced with steppable grass prairie and new lot constructed on the northwest side away from
    Lake Michigan
  • Runoff from the new northwest parking lot managed and treated in 2,900 SF of bioswale and 5,060 SF of pervious concrete
  • Green infrastructure estimated to provide 190,775 gallons of storage per storm and reduced sediment loading by
    1,500 pounds annually

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