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University Research Park Element District Improvements


The University Research Park (URP), a University of Wisconsin-Madison affiliate, has undertaken the Element District Improvement Project to prepare the northeast corner of the URP for continued growth and development. The site is bounded by Mineral Point Road on the north and Whitney Way on the east.

This project has three main components:

  1. Site improvements and preparation required for construction of a new lab building, a residential complex, and future developments.
  2. Construction of two new city streets with associated right-of-way improvements.
  3. Implementation of short- and long-term stormwater management plan for the Element District.


  • Payne + Dolan (P+D) is leading the construction management of site improvements.
  • Clearing and grubbing 15-acre site
  • 72,000 CY of mass grading and 20,000 CY of stone for roads/parking lots.
  • Prepared and implemented temporary stormwater management plans throughout construction process, including temporary ponds, regular erosion control inspections, and repairs.
  • Grading, access drive, parking lot and landscaping modifications for Exact Sciences and Slipstream buildings.
  • Roadway construction and associated right-of-way improvements, including City watermain, storm and sanitary sewer, street and pedestrian lighting.
  • Concrete and asphalt roadway paving, curb and gutter, sidewalks, pavers, steel planter walls, and limestone block benches.
  • Temporary and permanent sediment and detention pond construction.
  • Landscaping modifications, including limestone and concrete retaining walls.
  • Design and install of EV charging stations.
  • Design and install of fiber network for new URP buildings.


  • Ongoing and timely communication to owners, existing building tenants, and two onsite vertical building contractors.
  • Continuous management of issues involving the site’s numerous public and private utilities.Coordination of changes to bus routes and bus stop pedestrian access affected by various phases of construction activity.

Walbec is self-performing earthwork, underground utilities (excluding electrical), pond construction, gravel placement, site concrete, and hot mix asphalt paving through a coordinated effort with our family of companies.

  • Payne + Dolan – mass grading, ponds, stone placement, asphalt paving, and patching
  • Parisi – underground utilities (watermain and storm and sanitary sewers)
  • Zenith Tech – concrete pavement, concrete sidewalk, retaining walls, and foundations