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The coordination Walbec has provided at Sona for site development has simplified the project and reduced risk. Walbec’s upfront estimating and contract structure provided us the assurance that we could proceed while controlling our site development risk. Walbec has been incredibly fair in change orders and effective in making changes in the field as conditions were encountered. I feel more comfortable direct contracting with Walbec.

Bob Monnat
Senior Partner
Mandel Group

SoNa Site Development

The SoNa Site Development project, situated on a once-contaminated site with a complex history, showcased the ability of Payne + Dolan to tackle challenges head-on and deliver exceptional results. Through strategic planning and collaboration with a network of trusted contractors, Walbec has transformed this site into a thriving development that will impact the local community.


The initial phase of this endeavor was spearheaded by Payne + Dolan’s (P+D) general contracting division, which expertly addressed the contamination issues onsite. The work included preparation of building pads, excavating a biofiltration basin, and strategically managing soil stockpiles. This approach ensured a smooth workflow for subsequent contractors. P+D performed all grading work at this site with Zenith Tech (ZTI), executing precise concrete work encompassing curbs, sidewalks, and pavements, adding essential infrastructure to the project.

In our commitment to comprehensive development, we engaged UPI Underground to oversee the installation of critical utilities, including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water mains. Pro Electric illuminated the way forward with site lighting solutions, contributing to safety and functionality. Kuehne Company implemented vital erosion control measures to protect the environment throughout the project, while Interstate Tree cleared years of overgrowth, preparing the site for its new purpose. Finally, P+D ensured the development's foundation was solid by providing a smooth and durable site surface.

Challenges and Solutions

The SoNa Site Development project encountered unexpected challenges, notably the discovery of unaccounted-for soil, likely the result of unauthorized dumping. The team conducted a meticulous topographic survey to address this issue, accurately quantifying the excess material. Additionally, collaborative planning with Moore Construction Services and Mandel Group ensured that soil stockpile locations were strategically chosen, preventing any interference with future phases of work.

The SoNa Site Development project exemplifies Payne + Dolan's dedication to overcoming challenges and delivering results that stand the test of time. Through effective problem-solving, unwavering commitment to quality, and seamless collaboration with skilled contractors, we are not only shaping communities but also contributing to progress that leaves a lasting legacy. This project serves as a beacon of what can be achieved when expertise, determination, and innovation come together to create something truly remarkable.


West Allis, WI


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