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Scot Forge Foundation Shoring


Zenith Tech (ZTI) was hired to install a foundation shoring system inside the Scot Forge facility in Spring Grove, IL. Shoring is used to provide lateral support to the surrounding loads to enable construction to proceed. In this case, shoring was required for Scot Forge to construct a new machinery pit. ZTI provided two options including a temporary sheet piling or timber lagging and soldier piles. A timber lagging and solider piles shoring system measuring 148'L X 21' W x 10'D was selected due to dense underlying soils, cost benefits, and historical difficulties with temporary sheet piling on this site.

Our team can provide a variety of shoring systems including steel sheet piling, timber lagging and solider piles, and temporary wire faced MSE walls. Backed by our experience and knowledge, in-house design team, and history of providing innovative solutions, we can solve complex problems and meet aggressive project schedules for our customers.


  • Low overhead clearances required the use of low-profile equipment to install the shoring
  • Consulted with American Pile driving Equipment to select the appropriate equipment
  • Perched water table located about halfway down from the top of the shoring system required management during shoring installation
  • Aggressive project schedule


  • In-house design team developed a temporary shoring system
  • Backhoe-mounted pile hammer and backhoe-mounted vibro were selected to meet project requirements
  • On-site coordination with excavation contractor effectively managed the infiltrating water to facilitate the installation of the shoring system
  • Expediting contract award, execution, and material procurement ensured project timeline was met



Spring Grove, IL