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RiverTown Crossing

The Payne and Dolan Engineering & General Contracting Division has worked diligently to develop an excellent relationship with Brookfield Properties Retail (BPR). The relationship began in 2016 when we began providing engineering design and construction inspection on seven (7) properties in the Midwest. This relationship has grown to providing our services on over 30 different properties in the United States. Our scopes of work will include Pavement Management Capital Planning and Engineering Design & Construction Inspection for both Civil and Structural projects.

The RiverTown Crossing property, in Grandville, Michigan, provided the opportunity to recommend an Ultra-Thin Asphalt Pavement solution in an effort to meet customer needs while remaining within their budget amount. Discussions on this project began in July of 2018 and it was clear that BPR embraces innovation and was looking for the largest impact achievable within a smaller budget.

During the evaluation process for all pavement management/rehabilitation projects, our team conducts testing to better understand the existing conditions and subsurface structure with the help of soil borings. At RiverTown Crossing, they found that the site was generally HMA pavement over a gravel base. In addition, it appeared that the subsoils consisted of sand or sand & gravel with cobble.

The next step was to use the PASER rating system to evaluate the condition of the current pavement. A rating of 1-4 would require complete reconstruction, 4-6 would involve a 1-3/4” mill & overlay, and a 6-9 rating would result in a maintenance recommendation such as crackfilling.

The existing parking lot was rated at a 6 due to block cracking, moderate to significant oxidation, and some degree of raveling.


  1. Resurface the existing parking lot with Ultra-Thin asphalt pavement. The construction process would include wedge cut milling along all curb & gutter sections to maintain drainage. The existing pavement would be resurfaced with a 4.75mm HMA Pavement (PG 64-28 with Va regressed to 3.5%).
  2. Mill & resurface the existing lot with a new HMA Pavement. This process would involve 1-3/4” mill and 9.5mm HMA Pavement (PG 64-28 with Va regressed to 3.0%).

Our team encouraged the client to go with Option #1 for the best return on their budget dollars while still achieving the results they were looking for.

The Ultra-Thin HMA Overlay will provide a new asphalt wearing surface with an expected 10–12 year lifespan with proper maintenance. This process will provide significant pavement preservation, extend the life of the parking lot, and provide aesthetic improvements to the customer.

The client agreed with their recommendation and they moved forward with scope development, plan preparation, and the bidding process. The project was completed in October of 2018.

The entire process, from initial site visit through project completion, was accomplished in just over 3 months. Through this process, the P+D team enlisted the talents of our Technical Services team in creating our HMA Pavement materials expectations.



At the end of the day, the owner was able to achieve their goal of a highly functional parking lot that made a significant impact on the site appearance.



Grandville, MI