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Peninsula State Park Main Access Roads - Repair & Replace

Peninsula State Park is a popular tourist attraction in Wisconsin, offering over 460 campsites, a summer theater, an 18-hole golf course, and eight miles of shoreline along Door County. Northeast Asphalt (NEA) was contracted to complete road repairs throughout the park. The project aimed to provide visitors with a smoother ride through the park while ensuring their safety. The project included the removal of over 300 trees to widen the shoulder, as well as the pulverization and relay of almost 6 miles of the main access road throughout the park. Culvert replacements, construction staking by the Payne + Dolan surveying team, landscaping, and striping were also included.

Despite challenges such as colder temperatures, rain, and high amounts of pedestrian traffic, the NEA team completed most of the work within the scheduled time frame. However, a portion of the project was delayed due to an endangered species of flower, the Dwarf Lake Iris. The Department of Agriculture hopes to have an incidental take permit to transplant the flower from the shoulder of the road to other areas in the park. To assist with this effort, NEA offered a change in scope to mill and repave a section of the road to reduce the limits of their shouldering operation and allow for the removal and transplantation of less of the endangered Dwarf Lake Iris.

Overall, it was another successful project that will positively impact park visitors for many years to come. NEA is looking forward to paving the surface of another .5-mile this spring.


Door County, WI


Wisconsin Department of Administration