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Nestle USA Truck Lot Expansion


Northeast Asphalt (NEA) led the management of an expansion at Nestle USA in Appleton, WI. This project included the complete reconstruction of Hickory Drive, expanding the width from 21' to 42', and replacing the water main, sanitary, and storm sewer. NEA self-performed the milling, grading, and asphalt paving.


  • Tight project schedule due to semi traffic backing up onto I-41.
  • No service interruption to operations was permitted during construction
  • Traffic flow on CTH N was a challenge, especially when one employee entrance was eliminated.
  • Roadway undercut was extended by three days, which pushed the concrete paving in the project schedule.
  • Safety was a priority with traffic and multiple contractors working on-site at the same time.
  • Excessive rain challenged the contractors working on the project.
  • Extensive permitting on this project was necessary: DNR, water retention, water main, sanitary, right of way, and state highway.


  • Additional traffic control measures implemented included message boards, light plants, and flaggers.
  • Excavated 18" stone base and installed 7" hot mix asphalt (HMA) in three lifts to ensure the pavement would not heave or crack.
  • Additional turn lane was graded and paved the night before subcontractor work was scheduled to avoid additional traffic challenges.
  • NEA also used a mill to remove 7" of stone thus reducing production time by two hours.
  • Beam guard was added to enhance safety around the retention pond. LED light poles with security cameras and fiber optics were installed.
  • Communication was key to the success of the project. The team held weekly toolbox safety talks and project management meetings to work through challenges.