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Lawrence University Pedestrian Bridge


The Lawrence University Pedestrian Bridge Renovation was a collaborative Walbec effort capitalizing on the expertise of Northeast Asphalt and Zenith Tech, along with valued subcontractor partners. The project enhanced the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of the pedestrian bridge located at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, and involved the renovation and improvement of the existing bridge infrastructure to meet modern design standards and accommodate the needs of the university community and the general public.


  • The project faced several challenges, including a tight timeframe, utilities running under the bridge, a steam line, and a significant grade. The project was completed during the summer of 2022.
  • To address the challenge of utilities running under the bridge, the project team offered a solution that saved the University $100K and allowed the utilities to remain buried under the new bridge structure.
  • The steam line was also a challenge, requiring an additional boiler to be added and communication between both boilers from one side of campus to another to be updated.
  • The bridge structure crosses Drew Street with a significant grade, dropping 45 feet in 200 feet. Setting bridge beams was challenging and required doing so without damaging several trees. The new structure also needed to be raised to eliminate the ongoing problems with semi-truck traffic hitting the old structure. Due to the elevation/grade, 35 loads of milling were required to construct a pad for the crane to sit on.
  • Lawrence University is located in central Appleton, making it a challenge to transport the 137' beams to the project location. Permitting and coordination with local authorities and the State Patrol was necessary to bring the beams from I41 down College Avenue in Appleton.
  • The design/build project was engineered by the Payne + Dolan engineering and surveying team. The University was looking for a new design that blended into the campus architecture with a solid steel railing with "LU" engraving and "LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY" across the front of the bridge in steel letters.
  • As a safety measure, the project also included rip rap, landscaping, and a retaining wall to protect the hill and prevent anyone from falling down the slope.
  • Subcontractors for the project provided bridge plans, electrical work, site concrete, rip rap, tree planting and landscaping, bridge painting, and retaining wall construction.
  • The advantage of utilizing the coordinated expertise of the Walbec Group enhanced the constant communication required to successfully complete this project. Having a diverse network of experts to collaborate with, provide services, and consult with subcontractor partners, makes a time-sensitive project such as this seamless.

The Lawrence University Pedestrian Bridge Project was a challenging project that required the coordination of multiple subcontractors and the expertise of Northeast Asphalt, Zenith Tech, and Payne + Dolan Engineering and Surveying services. Despite the challenges, the project was completed on time and on budget, providing a new bridge structure that blends into the campus architecture and meets the needs of Lawrence University.