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Kettle Moraine Tennis Courts

Zenith Tech (ZTI) recently completed work on Wisconsin's first post-tensioned concrete tennis courts. Kettle Moraine High School in Wales, WI, added (10) new courts to their campus, offering courts that will last for 25 years or more.

Post-tensioned concrete is a rigid, reinforced concrete pavement where the concrete is poured over cables that extend from one end of the court to the other. Once the concrete reaches design strength, hydraulic jacks are used to apply tension on reinforcing cables to create tension loads within the concrete, preventing the large cracks that eventually occur in asphalt tennis courts.


  • Ten post-tensioned concrete tennis courts with new fencing, court surfacing, concrete curb, and sidewalk.
  • Poured 2,000 CY of concrete
  • Payne + Dolan provided excavation and grading services, installing the stone base for the courts and grading berms adjacent to the courts for a spectator viewing area.
  • An industry-wide cement shortage severely limited concrete supply requiring the team to communicate in advance with the ready-mix supplier to ensure concrete was available for large pours.
  • ZTI poured new tennis courts on school days within student drop-off and pick-up times to enhance safety and limit inconvenience to students, teachers, and school families.
  • Communicating and coordinating with school leadership and providing traffic control flaggers during large concrete pours was essential to maintaining a high level of safety throughout the project site.


Wales, WI


Kettle Moraine School District