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Jefferson Street Bridge Over the Fox River

The Zenith Tech (ZTI) team completed the Jefferson Street Bridge replacement project in Burlington, WI, which involved removing an existing steel beam bridge and replacing it with a new 166-foot haunched slab bridge. The new bridge included sidewalk overhangs, pedestrian bump-out areas, and bump-outs for lights and statues. During construction, 66 pre-bored holes were made in the bedrock for piling, and a 25-inch-thick slab was supported by falsework beams fabricated in the ZTI shop.

Challenges encountered included overhead and underground utilities. This included coordinating work with multiple utilities on the poles north of the bridge and determining the locations and depths of utilities underground on both sides. Additionally, the project team had to maneuver around a gas line and implement erosion control measures during high water events.

Faced with the additional challenge of staying on schedule despite spring flooding and unexpected soil issues with the foundation, ZTI's team successfully addressed all challenges through effective communication, coordination with all involved parties, and adjustments to the drilling tools for improved efficiency.



Burlington, WI


WisDOT and City of Burlington