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Green Bay Botanical Gardens


Every asphalt paving season, Northeast Asphalt is presented with at least one highly unusual project. This past season, the NEA team had the pleasure of completing another project at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Considering the Botanical Garden is the 2nd largest Green Bay attraction just behind the Green Bay Packers, our NEA team was thrilled to get to work.

The challenge of this particular project involved the construction of walking paths and roadways leading to and throughout the new Donald J. Schneider Family Grand Garden. As you can see from the photos, our winding asphalt paths and roadways blend seamlessly with the exquisite surroundings. The project was a huge success and that was largely due to a partnership with Susan Garot, Director of the Botanical Garden and Miron Construction, General Contractor.

Northeast Asphalt completed the fine grading on the project. Eric Anderson, NEA’s Grading Foreman, said their biggest challenge was getting the equipment into the Gardens. “We could only get one piece of equipment in at a time because of the existing landscaping and slopes,” said Eric. The crew also had to carefully navigate around fresh concrete, including curbing and flatwork, and the landscapers installing the new shrubs, trees and sod.

As is typical in Wisconsin, there were weather challenges but the Botanical Garden staff was very easy to work with.

“Susan was super to work with and very helpful with the public (tourists)”, said Chad Kietzmann, NEA’s Paving Foreman.

We always have great pride when we can live out our core values and truly serve the communities in which we live. This was one of those types of projects in which our NEA team members will tell their families about.

They also exceeded the expectations of the customer. “NEA was great to work with; they were on time, on budget and did excellent work … what more can you ask for?!” said Susan Garot.

It’s this attention to every detail that leads to repeat business. This was NEA’s seventh project at the Garden since 2011. Over 2,180 tons of asphalt have been placed in the past 7 years. We look forward to future opportunities!



Green Bay, WI