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Green Bay Area Schools

Walbec's Northeast Asphalt (NEA) partnered with the Green Bay Area School District to complete significant updates to Red Smith School, Preble High School, and Preble High School Stadium. NEA was the general contractor for the Red Smith School and Preble High School projects and as a subcontractor for the Preble High School Stadium project.


  1. Red Smith School: NEA undertook a comprehensive overhaul at Red Smith School, encompassing many tasks. This included the meticulous removal of existing pavement, strategic regrading to enhance drainage, installation of new concrete curb and gutter infrastructure, the creation of a new dumpster pad, construction of a set of innovative concrete stairs, meticulous landscaping efforts, and the resurfacing of 9,000 square yards with 4 inches of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Walbec’s Zenith Tech was subcontracted for the concrete services to ensure excellence.
  2. Preble High School Parking Lot: The transformation at Preble High School's parking lot involved the removal of existing pavement, precision regrading for optimized drainage, the introduction of new concrete curb and gutter islands, the establishment of a concrete raised median to enhance traffic safety, installation of a new set of concrete stairs, detailed landscaping, and the application of a 4-inch-thick layer of asphalt over an expansive area of 20,000 square yards.
  3. Preble High School Stadium: NEA's role as a subcontractor for the Preble High School Stadium project showcased their fine grading and paving expertise. This involved covering an area of 5,450 square yards with a 3-inch layer of hot mix asphalt, ensuring durability and quality.

In addition to these accomplishments, NEA has set its sights on the upcoming project to repave the parking lot adjacent to the stadium in 2024. These endeavors highlight NEA's proficiency in diverse site construction facets, from concrete work to asphalt paving and landscaping. Through their unwavering dedication to quality and wealth of experience, NEA has played a pivotal role in transforming and enhancing these Green Bay area schools. Their commitment to excellence continues to reshape the educational infrastructure of the community.


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