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Erin Hills


When the 117th U.S. Open Championship comes to Wisconsin for the first time, it's an honor to make a positive contribution to ensuring the event is one to remember.

That is exactly what Payne and Dolan and Zenith Tech did in the Spring of 2017.

On June 12th, 2017, just 35 miles northwest of Milwaukee, Erin Hills became the 6th public access course to host the U.S. Open. Project negotiations took place over a 9 month period and once the contract was signed, they were ready for us to begin.

The project involved over 50,000 tons of stone, asphalt paving, concrete work and the opportunity for Zenith Tech to stamp asphalt for the first time. The schedule may have been demanding and the rain endless but our team remained dedicated to safety and excellence throughout the project.

As the rain continued, maintaining our commitment to exceptional quality became challenging but the team continued with common excavation and brought in larger stone to be sure our trucks could move in and out without reducing efficiency or safety. As always, we rallied the talents of our team and successfully completed our first Asphalt Stamping job and we didn’t begin small - this project required over 75,000 sq. feet of stamping!

To offset the effects of excessive rain, the P+D team took advantage of our resources and fixed the road structure, going above and beyond to remedy the situation to exceed the expectations of the USGA. Not only were the bus routes improved but we added additional roadways to provide more access for spectators.

The U.S. Open entertained more than 35,000 spectators and brought in $130 million in revenue to boost local communities.


Erin, WI


June 2017