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Beloit Powerhouse Riverwalk

Zenith Tech (ZTI), a Walbec Group company, was the prime contractor for the construction of a 450-foot pedestrian bridge over the Rock River in Beloit, Wisconsin. This bridge runs adjacent to the Beloit College Powerhouse, a student union and athletic facility on the campus.


  • Extremely limited site access prevented conventional delivery of materials and heavy equipment required for the project.
  • A temporary tramway bridge was required to launch heavy equipment onto barges while minimizing impact to the sensitive waterway environment.
  • Pedestrian bridge was located in close proximity to historic powerhouse as well as a newly constructed expansion; maintaining safe working conditions for pile driving and setting box girders was required to protect the buildings.
  • High water levels, a strong river current, and a work zone directly above an operating power generating dam presented unique working conditions.


  • A significant amount of work was performed from a barge and a temporary tramway bridge was designed and built by ZTI to load the crane onto the barge. A mobile work platform allowed crews to safely work from the river.
  • Bathymetric surveying of the river was completed to ensure the temporary tramway cleared buried utilities and minimized impact to the streambed. The survey also verified work barges could navigate safely.
  • Innovative in-house engineering allowed flexibility for the team to begin setting beams in an area of the river that was safe before the water level and current decreased.
  • Post-tensioning work associated with erecting the box beams was self-performed by ZTI.
  • Decorative fencing installation on the bridge structure was self-performed by ZTI.
  • Coordination among stakeholders including the general contractor working on The Powerhouse renovation, WisDOT, Beloit College, and other subcontractors.



Beloit, Wisconsin