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Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, the 7seventy7 project is a 35-story luxury apartment community that required a deep piling system to support the structure. Zenith Tech, a Walbec Group family company, provided a comprehensive testing plan and a deep piling system to meet the needs of the project.


  • Existing downtown site soils were not capable of supporting the loads created by this new building
  • Static and dynamic testing needed to be completed to identify the proper deep piling system
  • Tight, downtown site, required precise site logistics plan to keep the project on schedule
  • Effective communication of all facets of the plan to keep project stakeholders informed


  • Increased single-pile design capacity by 20%
  • Reduced the length of the piling by 33% providing significant cost-savings from the contract estimate
  • Developed a numbered-sequence, pile-by-pile schedule to allow earth retention, excavation, pile driving, concrete work, and other trades to work concurrently in a tight project site
  • Increased load-bearing capacity of piles
  • Achieved project results within a tight schedule


A partnership with Walbec ensures that your foundation work is completed safely and efficiently to meet or expedite your project schedule. Many deep foundation designs within Milwaukee are predominantly cast-in-place piling, a system our team is extremely familiar with. We can also complete all required static load tests or Case Pile Wave Analysis Program CAPWAP® with PDA monitoring to ensure a successful foundation.



Milwaukee, WI