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Parisi is a full-service public works and transportation infrastructure contractor. Core services include large-scale subdivision development, commercial site development, water and sewer utility construction, and concrete work, including curb and gutter and flatwork. Parisi delivers expert solutions to meet customer’s engineering and construction needs, on-time and within budget.

Founded as a municipal concrete company in 1962 by Sam R. Parisi, the company has grown under three generations of family leadership. Beginning with John C. Parisi, the company experienced growth in the early 1980s to include slip-form concrete installations. In the early 2000s, leadership transitioned to Jeffrey J. Parisi, and the company has grown to over 140 team members.

Through cutting-edge technology and practices, Parisi is positioned for continued growth by working smart and safe to help people reach their destination.


  • Quality workmanship in projects from downtown redevelopment, state and local highways, office buildings, biomedical and healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and more - we're involved in community development projects throughout Wisconsin.
  • On-time completion of projects utilizing cost-effective, expert solutions. With a team of tenured construction specialists, we provide long-lasting solutions at a competitive price.
  • The safety of the traveling public and the Parisi team is our number one priority.
  • We rely on cutting-edge technology to continue to reduce costs and enhance production efficiencies, installation accuracy, and overall project quality.