Walbec Group


Welcome Back Walbec Interns!

May is here and it's always an exciting month for us here at the Walbec Group. Our companies continue to ramp-up construction activities as the weather improves throughout the Midwest. We also look forward to welcoming new interns and catching up with returning interns as they join us for a summer filled with exciting and challenging learning experiences.

Our intern program at Walbec is something we continue to prioritize throughout our family of companies. The number of interns joining us and the areas in which they are assigned continues to grow and develop on an annual basis.

We know that learning is two-fold. We value the opportunities we are given to share all that this industry has to offer with students so that they can complement their education with real-world experience. We also know that we grow as an organization by listening carefully and learning from them as well.

Each summer, the questions asked and the ideas and observations brought forward lead to new initiatives and continuous improvement ideas we did not think of. It's an extremely rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Take a look at what a Day in the Life of a Walbec Intern is like...