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Walbec Introduces the Safety Commitment Coin

This summer, during crew visits, every employee will receive a Safety Commitment Coin, representing each individual’s commitment to safety.

This commitment includes working safe, keeping co-workers safe, and working together to make sure everyone returns home at the end of the workday. The coin is a unifier between safety and employees.

Here is how the Walbec team will be using the Safety Commitment Coin:

  • Employees carry the coin on them while at work. It is meant to serve as a physical reminder to stay safe.
  • At the start of the day, employees have the coin in one pocket and then move the coin to another pocket when they make an action, decision, or change, that influences their safety or others.
  • Employees can present the coin to any co-worker to stop work for any safety concern. If an employee displays the coin for what they feel is a safety concern, all related work must stop until the safety concern is addressed.

We're excited to implement this new program and look forward to the stories of the coin in action to enhance our commitment to safety throughout all Walbec projects.

The coin is small enough that employees can keep it in their pocket at all times – whether they are working or not.

Safety is not just important in the workplace, it should continue outside of work as well. We encourage all employees to send photos of themselves at work or outside of work, showing their coin and their commitment to safety.

Our goal for the commitment coin is that it will serve as a physical reminder of our safety culture and our promise to promote that culture at all times.