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Walbec Honored with Multiple 2023 NAPA Quality in Construction Awards

Walbec is excited to announce that Northeast Asphalt (NEA) and Payne + Dolan (P+D) have received several prestigious National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) awards. These awards recognize the outstanding work of our team members throughout the Midwest.

NAPA's mission is to advance the asphalt pavement industry through leadership, stewardship, and member engagement. The organization celebrates industry-leading best practices, high-quality materials, and projects each year with its Quality in Construction Awards. These national awards recognize Walbec's innovative approach to various projects and our commitment to maintaining rigorous standards in quality and safety.

The NAPA Awards comprise several components and are "measured against best practices designed to live up to that commitment," said NAPA Chair Christian Zimmermann. By earning multiple Quality in Construction Awards, Walbec companies have demonstrated that we meet or exceed the rigorous standards set by NAPA.

In Wisconsin, Northeast Asphalt (NEA) stands tall with accolades for its exceptional work on several key projects:

  • State Highway 60 – Dodge County, WI: NEA showcased its commitment to innovation by implementing cutting-edge techniques to improve shoulder slopes, introducing warm mix asphalt, and deploying a portable asphalt plant. These initiatives culminated in the creation of a flawlessly smooth, top-tier pavement.
  • State Highway 70 – Florence County, WI: NEA's incorporation of reclaimed pavement into the asphalt mixture demonstrated environmental responsibility and significantly reduced emissions. Despite time constraints, NEA delivered the project on schedule, showcasing their efficiency and professionalism.
  • State Highway 64 – Marinette County, WI: NEA spearheaded a comprehensive project encompassing a spectrum of tasks, including culvert replacement, surface milling, gutter repairs, spot fixes, and a meticulous 2-inch asphalt overlay. The result? A pristine pavement that embodies durability and quality craftsmanship.
  • State Highway 66 – Calumet County, WI: NEA's prowess shone brightly as they efficiently completed the construction of a roundabout, installation of rumble strips, and enhancement of shoulders using top-grade asphalt, all within a tight 12-day road closure window.

In Michigan, Payne + Dolan (P+D) emerged victorious with their stellar projects:

  • US Highway 41/State Highway 28 – Marquette County, MI: P+D exhibited resilience in challenging weather conditions and heavy traffic as they utilized reclaimed asphalt to resurface the road while upgrading signals and drainage systems. Despite the hurdles, the project was delivered promptly, with a notable reduction in emissions.
  • CMX Houghton County Memorial Airport – Calumet, MI: P+D showcased their expertise in airport infrastructure as they meticulously repaved Runway 13-31 and Taxiway C, alongside the installation of a sophisticated ledge lighting system and navigational aids.
  • US Highway 2 – Iron River, MI: Focusing on sustainability, P+D integrated reclaimed asphalt into the pavement, complementing it with essential repairs and upgrades to catch basins and pavement markings. The project's early completion is noteworthy, achieved through premium-grade asphalt and streamlined execution.

These projects exemplify the dedication and ingenuity of NEA and P+D, setting a high standard for excellence in road construction across the region.