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Walbec has partnered with the Fox Cities Chamber as a Champion of Young Professionals

Walbec Young Professionals Affinity Group

Walbec has partnered with the Fox Cities Chamber as a Champion of Young Professionals, supporting the Chamber’s Pulse Young Professional Network. This opportunity reinforces our commitment to providing young professional-supportive workplaces and opportunities for our team members to develop their careers.

Champion of Young Professionals

Any company in the Fox Cities area can apply to be classified as a YP Champion and pledge to provide support and a positive work environment for young professionals within their company. This opportunity benefits both the business and the young professional.

Our participation in this program is just one of the many efforts we’re making to support the careers and development of young professionals throughout the Walbec family of companies. To further our commitment, we also recently launched the Walbec Young Professionals affinity group, led by two engineers with sponsorship from a senior leadership team member.

  • Walbec's YP Group Aims to provide professional and personal development opportunities and resources by:
  • Increasing camaraderie and networking opportunities• Providing a resource of knowledge and experience for product/service development and marketing
  • Building the company's external reputation through community involvement in young professional organizations
  • Increasing morale and retention by engaging younger team members through support, networking, and career development opportunities

Walbec is committed to helping every team member reach their full potential to contribute positively to their company and community.

The vision for this group is to be a driving force in developing the next generation of leaders within their organization. By cultivating a community of young professionals that is inclusive, innovative, and dedicated to driving positive change within the company and community, Walbec’s young professionals will continue to help our organization foster a world-class, growth-minded culture that continues to grow and innovate in today’s competitive market.