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Walbec Announces New Sustainability Manager to Strengthen Environmental Commitment

As construction industry leaders, we are responsible for protecting the environment by working safely, sustainably, and ethically. Walbec is committed to environmental sustainability and is dedicated to being a leading advocate for the environment in the industry. In alignment with this commitment, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Katherine Erwin as our new Sustainability Manager.

With a background in Technical Services and a deep passion for sustainability, Katherine is the ideal candidate to spearhead Walbec's efforts in advancing environmental practices. Her extensive construction industry experience and expertise in research projects and innovative initiatives will drive the organization toward a more sustainable and responsible future.

In her new role, Katherine will focus on seamlessly integrating sustainable products, programs, and practices within Walbec's core operations. Her leadership and strategic approach will ensure that environmental considerations are at the forefront of all decision-making processes. Katherine's experience in executing research projects, analyzing asphalt mix designs, and proposing innovative blends will contribute to developing environmentally friendly practices within the organization.

Katherine's commitment to fostering an inclusive culture is demonstrated through her active involvement in the Women of Walbec (WOW) affinity group. As a proud member of WOW, she actively promotes initiatives and programs that support team members in reaching their goals both in and out of the workplace. Her dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is also evident through her participation in the United Voices of Walbec (UVOW) affinity group, where she celebrates and values diverse cultural traditions, experiences, and viewpoints. Katherine also participates in Walbec Young Professionals, Walbec's newest affinity group, which empowers and supports the development of young professionals throughout the organization.

Walbec is excited to have Katherine Erwin as the new Sustainability Manager, and we are confident that her leadership and expertise will propel the organization's environmental sustainability efforts to new heights. With her guidance, Walbec will continue to prioritize and integrate sustainable practices, contributing to a greener and more responsible future.