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Tyson Miller - Building a Career in Construction

We thank Lorie Thompson, SW TrANS (Transportation Alliance for New Solutions) Coordinator for the Forward Service Corporation, for sharing this story with us. Congratulations to Tyson Miller, Payne + Dolan plant helper/pre-apprentice, on his accomplishments. We are confident that there will continue to be accolades to celebrate in the future.


When Lorie received a text from Tyson with just the photo you see above, she knew exactly what it meant. Back in 2019, Tyson shared with her his dreams for his family. Purchasing a home was his goal! As a single father of three choosing to launch a new career in the construction industry with no experience, he knew there would be challenges. Tyson had faith and knew that hard work and commitment would lead to employment opportunities offering growth potential and financial stability. This photo represented a dream realized, and Lori was full of joy and pride.

Due to scheduling conflicts between the TrANS classes and Tyson’s work schedule, he had to quit his job to join the Rock County TrANS program.

This meant there would be no looking back, no excuses, and a laser focus to complete the program and secure a new position. For Tyson, he understood that his three children were counting on him for care and security and when there were struggles, he could look to the future and what he was working so hard to provide for them. As you can see in the photo to the right, this is a very close family with great love and respect for one another.

Since graduation, Tyson has been focused on his role with Payne + Dolan and is working toward the next goal of advancing into positions of increased responsibility. His goal is to become an operating engineer and continue working towards receiving his journeyman.

Making career changes and learning new skills is not easy, but as far as Tyson is concerned, life is not a practice run. He has capitalized on opportunities as they have come his way and continues to work hard, taking in the good things each day and cherishing the memories he has with his children. His advice to anyone considering a career in the trades is to seek out the training that is available through TrANS and then give it 110%. “Set a goal, write it down, copy it, and place it everywhere in your house, and make it a reality,” says Tyson.

TrANS was the vehicle that helped Tyson take the leap into the trades. It helped him to learn the essential skills required to launch a career in construction. Each TrANS class includes 120 hours of skills preparation that incorporates industry professionals, road construction contractors, and experienced road construction team members. To successfully graduate from the program, candidates pass a CDL written exam, an apprenticeship test from one of the skilled trades, certify as a flagger and complete OSHA 10 safety training. It's the first step to joining an industry that offers numerous opportunities to build a career you can be proud of.

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