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Safety Focus | Top 10 Equipment Related Hazards and Tips on Avoidance

1 | Getting on and off equipment

Getting on and off the machine is the number one cause of injury to equipment operators and truck drivers. This time of year, it is essential that operators use added caution due to weather and slippery conditions. Remember to use three points of contact at all times and never jump from equipment.

2 | Loading/unloading equipment

Ramps may be slippery, therefore, take the time to ensure that the machine has the traction needed to safely load or unload. Always wear a seatbelt when moving equipment on or off of a trailer.

3 | People crowding the work area

Stay vigilant and always maintain adequate clearance distances around equipment. For example, with cooler temperatures rollers may be closer to the paver; ensure that rollers stay a minimum of 15’ from the screed of the paver.

4 | Machine swing radius/ Shifting falling loads

Only designated individuals who are trained and in contact with operators should be in the swing radius of excavators or cranes. Never go under a suspended load and stay back from loads that could fall or shift. Hardhats are also required when in the swing radius of equipment due to the potential of falling debris.

5 | Operation on slopes

Know the limits of the machine and know the surface conditions.

6 | Overhead/buried obstructions

Mark or warn of overhead lines or low clearances. Be aware when digging that utilities may be present and follow all safe digging practices. Make sure the dig area has been located.

7 | Backing

Operators need to positively assure that no people or any other obstacles are behind them. This is achieved by getting out and looking! This time of year it is even more important to get out and look with the limited daylight.

8 | Machine rollover/tip

Know the capacity of your machine and always wear your seatbelt!

9 | Loose items in cabs

There have been some instances of operators carrying unsecured items in the cabs of equipment. Unsecured items can obstruct the controls or strike the operator in the event of a shift or sudden movement. Keep all unnecessary items secured or out of the cabs.

10 | Lock-out/Tag-out

Always remove the keys from the ignition, utilize wheel chalks, and follow the manufacturers' recommendations when servicing equipment.