Walbec Group


Safety Awards are Definitely Something to Celebrate

As a family of construction companies, safety is our top priority. It's also more than just a commitment we've made as a business, it's our moral obligation. At Walbec, working smart and safe every day and on every job site is something we believe each of us is obligated to do.

When our risk insurance provider presents us with an award because of our excellent safety record, we are ready and willing to celebrate! The entire Walbec Group can be congratulated for this award and we thank our stellar Safety Management Team for leading us, reminding us, training us, and making sure we are prepared in every situation.

An award honoring outstanding performance and dedication to the well-being and safety of our company's greatest asset, our employees, is something we are very honored to be recognized for.

Congrats to the entire Walbec team. Without a dedicated and healthy team of professionals in the field, office, on our sites, and everywhere in between, the Walbec family of companies cannot be successful.