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Precast Concrete Barrier Blocks Elevates Safety at Community Events

Most people think concrete barrier blocks are only traffic barriers used on roadway projects, but their uses are extensive. They can often be a safety measure for protecting pedestrians attending large community events.

Madison Beltline - Zenith Tech Installing Precast Concrete Barrier Block


  • Separate walkways and oncoming traffic from the roadway
  • Protect utilities and materials
  • Block sensitive wiring and underground materials from being hit by heavy equipment during construction
  • Deter traffic
  • Prevent erosion in certain areas
  • Block off community events to protect pedestrian traffic


Barriers are available for rent or purchase and can be delivered and installed at your location throughout Wisconsin.
Call our Zenith Tech team at 262.524.1800 or email us with any questions you may have.

Zenith Tech Delivers Precast Concrete Barrier Block to Fiserv Forum