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NEA "Rocks" the Einstein Science Fair!

February 3, 2018, was the date of the annual Einstein Expo, and Northeast Asphalt participated along with other organizations to contribute to the cause of hands-on science education.

Attendance was high for this kid-friendly event, and Shopko Hall in Ashwaubenon was packed again for the annual fair.

NEA provides some of the best hands-on activities for fair participants in an effort to educate them of all the science behind road building. Fairgoers could see and touch core samples of compacted asphalt roadways, and a display of permeable asphalt that contained "Rocky" a live fish to help demonstrate the "Green" nature of asphalt. One favorite station allowed kids to make their own geodes to take home.

Pink and Yellow toy hardhats, chocolate rocks, stickers, spinners, coloring books & pencils were some of the loot kids could take home from the booth, and while they did they also collected a little knowledge about Wisconsin geology, asphalt, soil types and aggregates from our hands-on activities. They could touch and smell liquid asphalt cement and see the giant drill bits used for drilling & blasting quarry rock while a video display showed all the heavy equipment employed in our industry. The booth was even monitored by one of NEA's drone aircraft equipped with a camera taking pictures from the air to demonstrate this new technology being used to make our business more efficient and ecologically responsible.

NEA is a proud asphalt industry representative, and we enjoy helping people understand how important, safe and ecologically sound asphalt is, and what an important role it plays in this area. Our infrastructure is so important, and events like the Einstein Science Fair help people see the science behind things we take for granted sometimes. The asphalt industry leads the way in road building with a constant focus on recycling and ecological practices, and NEA is on the forefront of that effort.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth!