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empowHER Wisconsin is Committed to the Recruitment and Retention of Women in Construction

These "Women in the Trades" events showcase the opportunities available within the construction industry for women and create networking opportunities for women to engage with contractors, explore apprenticeships, and learn more about the training programs currently available for females who are considering entering the construction industry.

These events begin with a networking breakfast followed by presentations, hands-on demonstrations, industry information, and next steps.

Being a part of this committee is essential for the Walbec Group as we look to continue our focus on building a diverse and inclusive world-class culture. As a co-chair for empowHER, Tracey serves with other females who are currently working in the industry and are passionate about strengthening the representation of women in construction. She is able to lead the group in strategies around outreach, recruitment, mentoring, and retention of females in the construction industry, which is the core mission of empowHER.

At a recent event, Tracey enjoyed having Jessica Benson from Zenith Tech and Linda Bauer from Payne & Dolan join her in sharing their expertise as women in the construction industry with the female attendees.

"I was excited to have female representation from our company attend with me and show that there are career pathways that do exist within apprenticeship and our company for women. What better way to increase female interest in the trades and in our company than to have our female workers show the immense possibilities that exist. My goal is that every woman involved in this group reaches their hand out to another woman to help them up and move them forward into the construction industry," says Tracey.

If you are a female with interest in the trades and desire to attend a future outreach event, please contact Tracey Griffith at careers@walbecgroup.com.