Walbec Group


Dane County Dive Team Performs Drills at Walbec Group’s Quarry

In an effort to give back to the community and support the Dane County dive team, the Walbec Group provided the Herfel Quarry as a location for their team members to practice their skills. The team set up and tested their mobile command center, which was built in Wisconsin, as well as practiced a series of drills to not only keep their skills sharp, but also test their equipment for various emergency situations. The team completed a variety of drills including underwater search and rescue, completed various search patterns, and practiced buoyancy drills to effectively maneuver on the bottom without kicking up sediment.

The Walbec Group is passionate about supporting ideas and initiatives that strengthen the communities we serve. Partnering with the Dane County dive team to help them practice further solidifies our commitment and core values to be good citizens while supporting community programs and organizations.