Walbec Group

About Us

Diversity & Inclusion

Walbec is committed to diversity and inclusivity within our family of companies. Our culture embraces an environment where team members feel safe, are free to express themselves, and are encouraged to grow through diverse perspectives and thinking. The best solutions result from different backgrounds coming together to move our organization forward. As a valued team member, Walbec ensures you will thrive here.

Within Walbec, three employee resource groups (ERGs) focus on building an inclusive culture and fostering the professional development of all team members.

Women of Walbec

Women of Walbec Mission

WOW helps women reach their destinations by providing effective resources and support systems, offering mentorship and professional development opportunities, and fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

United Voices of Walbec

United Voices of Walbec (UVOW) Mission

UVOW helps people from different backgrounds reach their destinations by creating an inclusive environment where every team member feels valued. UVOW vows to continuously advance and support equity through inclusion while promoting its members' professional development and personal growth.

Walbec Young Professionals

Walbec Young Professionals Mission

Walbec’s YPs group empowers and supports the development of young professionals within our organization. We strive to provide mentorship, skill-building, networking, and leadership development opportunities to help our members reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to our company and community.